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Audio Guestbooks

Make your day even more special?! Our Telephone Guestbooks allow your guests to leave heartfelt messages and funny anecdotes that will make you laugh and smile for years to come.

Meet our Audio Guestbooks

To book an Audio Guestbook, simply email or call us on: 01293 406751

White Wedding Audio Guestbook Hire



Our Classic Audio Guestbook is the perfect addition to any event. With its sleek and simple design, vintage GPO 746 Telephone Handset, it's easy to use and creates a timeless keepsake that you'll treasure for years. 


Allow your guests to leave heartfelt messages and capture the memories of your special day

Best Telephone Guestbook Hire Company


Are you feeling bold? Then our Bluey Audio Guestbook is the one for you!

Bluey adds a pop of colour and personality to any event. There's also the option to swap the retro telephone guestbook handsets between classic white, pink and Blue.

Unique Audio Guest Book Hire Sussex

Phileas Fogg


If you're the adventurous type, then our Phileas Fogg Audio Guestbook is the perfect match!

Phileas is very intriguing to guests as he has an Edwardian-style telephone and illuminated Renaissance artwork.

Vintage Audio Guestbook Hire Sussex

Amelia Earhart


Our Amelia Audio Guestbook pairs perfectly with our Vintage Photo Booth to complete the vintage look.

Her walnut on brushed aluminium finish and warm glow invite your guests to leave special messages that will last you a lifetime.


Our Telephone Guestbooks can be added onto one of our Photo Booth Hires, collected from us, or delivered to you.

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