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Photo Booth

Our Photo Booths

We are experts in providing the most unique photo booths and take great pride in our handbuilt photo booths. Take a look around to see which photo booth most suits your special day.


A retro, vintage photo booth with 1920s spotlights and aviation travel trunk containing the printer. 

Black London Taxi Photo Booth_edited.jpg

What a photo booth in a "Sherbert Dab"? - Yes my cockney friend a photo booth in a "Black Cab"!

Octagon photo booth_edited.jpg

The large inflatable octagon creates an instant room for the fun to take place in.

Electric Hair No Logo.png

Our beautiful White London Taxi has a sneaky photo booth hidden in the back! Hop in and snap away!

Rustic Heart Press Image 1_edited.jpg

There is no greater symbol of romance than the traditional shape of the heart that suits any venue.

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