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Photo Booth

Our Photo Booths

We are experts in providing the most unique photo booths and take great pride in our handbuilt photo booths. Take a look around to see which photo booth most suits your special day.

Vintage Photo Booth Hire Surrey

A real retro, vintage photo booth, 1920s  spotlights, aviation travel trunk &  chrome on mahoganny finish!

White London Taxi Photo Booth Hire

Our beautiful White London Taxi has a sneaky photo booth hidden in the back! Hop in and snap away!

Rustic Photo Booth Hire Heart Booth

There is no greater symbol of romance than the traditional shape of the heart that suits any venue.

Selfie Pod Photo Booth Hire

This ones a total party photo booth, perfect for groups of all ages. A sleek modern booth. 

Steam Punk Photo Booth Hire

Mr Fogg's Vintage Photo Booth

Mr Fogg takes you back in time with his vintage photo booth. The feel is gold on black, with warm oak here.

Black London Taxi Photo Booth Hire

What a photo booth in a "Sherbert Dab"? - Yes my cockney friend a photo booth in a "Black Cab"!

Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Sussex

The large inflatable octagon creates an instant room for the fun to take place in.

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