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Original Photo Booths

Unique photo booths for all occasions

Original Photo Booths – Rustic Heart.jpg

Our Photo Booths


Vintage Photo Booth

A retro antique camera with a top-end DSLR hiding inside. Photos even print out of our travel trunk! 

Original Photo Booths – Rustic Heart.jpg

Rustic Heart Booth

There is no greater symbol of romance than the traditional shape of the heart.

Electric Hair No Logo.png

London Taxi Booth

What a photo booth in a "Sherbert Dab"? - Yes my cockney friend a photo booth in a "Black Cab" - you wouldn't Adam & Eve it!

Party Props

About us

Experts in providing the most unique Photo Booths. We have quirky and original photo booths in iconic London Taxis, LED Selfie Pods, TARDIS and Vintage Photo Booths to amaze and entertain.

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