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What's the difference between enclosed and open-air photo booths?

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So, you need a photo booth, but which one should you choose? Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes, so which one would be best to hire for your event? We're writing this post in the hope that you'll understand the differences between enclosed photo booths and open-air photo booths (luckily for you, we offer both).


Enclosed Photo Booth

An enclosed photo booth is just that. A photo booth inside an enclosed area, something you can go into to take photos.

What are the benefits of an enclosed photo booth?

The enclosed booth is perfect for a venue with limited space, or if you want to control the flow of guests; in one side and out the other. A booth like this would be perfect for red-carpet events or corporate exhibitions where lots of people are coming through.

Enclosed photo booths are also great for creating more intimate moments. It helps your guests to break down those barriers and make friends with the other guests they hop in with.


We offer two fantastic examples of enclosed booths. See below:

London Taxi Photo Booth

First, is our original (and secretly favourite), the London Taxi Photo Booth. That's right, a photo booth in the back of a London Taxi. We drive to your event, park outside, lay out the red carpet, and your guests snap the night away!

Octagon Photo Booth

Our other example of an enclosed booth is the Octagon Photo Booth. An inflatable octagon-shaped booth pops up at your event ready to go. It has an entrance and an exit allowing guests to shuttle through.

Octagon Photo Booth
Original Photo Booths – Octagon Photo Booth

Open-Air Photo Booth

The first thing to point out is that an 'open-air' photo booth doesn't have anything to do with being outside! In fact, we don't provide 'open air' booths outside. Except, of course, for luxurious bell tents!

What are the benefits of an open-air photo booth? Open-air photo booths are great for anyone who has a big family or wants no limits on how many people they can squeeze in. You might have seen hashtags like #howmanyaccountantscanyoufitinaphotobooth. Catchy... we know! Being open means that other guests will see the photo booth working in action and be more likely to join in.


Our examples of open-air photo booths are our Vintage Photo Booth and Rustic Heart Photo Booth.

Vintage Photo Booth

Our Vintage Photo Booth is a beautiful 1920s-style camera with old travelling trunks that conceal the printer. The open-air booth allows guests to join in the fun anytime (photo bomb anyone?!). The Vintage Photo Booth is perfect for a stylish and elegant theme or a Peaky Blinders, 1920s-style event.

Vintage Photo Booth
Original Photo Booths – Vintage Photo Booth

Rustic Heart Photo Booth

Our Rustic Heart Photo Booth is perfect for weddings, engagement, and anniversary parties. This booth is a freestanding heart shape with the camera and touchscreen enclosed. It is gorgeously white and wood which fits in with any venue and provides that rustic wedding look.

Rustic Heart Booth
Original Photo Booths – Rustic Heart Booth


Get in touch

We hope that explains the differences and helps you make your decision. If you have any questions about which photo booth would be best for your wedding or event we'd be happy to help. Just email us at or call us at 01293 406 751.


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